Elegant Hostel Design for Malaysia Students

How to build hostel that students will fall in love with? Another challenging project with limited budget from the owner. Nowadays, renovating a student hostel is more than just adding cheap steel beds, banquet table and wardrobe from Aeon. Students have more budget and they are more picky when it comes to the place they stay.

After 2 months of renovation and working with some manufacturers, I am glad that we are able to achieve the beautiful student hostel we want at shockingly low price. This is the dining table and study area.


Chill time in the living room.


Students just love to cook!


Want a nice place for shoes?


A simple bedroom for the night.


A different type of clock.


A closer look at the bedroom.


According to the real estate agent, all the students who came in find the place beautiful and they booked most of the room within 30 days. Good for the owner of this unit.

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