Beautiful Scandinavian Bedroom for Malaysians #1

Floor: light hardwood

Wall: light cool grey (can find this colour in most shops that sell paint)

Bed frame: light grey mattress base for queen size bed and headboard (avoid metal legs)

Quilt Cover: White

Pillow Case: White

Faux Sheep Skin: White (1 piece) and Light Brown (1 piece, can use white if you can’t find it).

Side Table: Wood top with black steel legs (2 pieces)

Table Lamp: dark grey (2 pieces) and you don’t have to buy the same design. Just make sure it is┬ásmall, so that you have enough space for the plant.

Plant & Vase: artificial green plants are recommended (2 pieces)


  1. Keep the place clean and neat to have better effect. This is a Scandinavian Design which emphasize on minimal items.
  2. If you have many personal items, please keep it inside a closed door shelf or inside bins on the black steel racks.
  3. The recommended colour for your wardrobe is light brown or birch colour.
  4. If you intend to place a desk in your room, make sure the design is similar to the side table in the picture, which is brown wood top and black legs.
  5. Do not hang any pictures or photos on the wall if you want this design to look good for your bedroom.

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