Condo vs Terrace House vs Shop Lots

Which one is better to rent a room?

Amy: Condo better because got swimming pool, gym and security?

Bernard: But condo so far from the train and uni. I think shopt lot better, restaurants and convenient stores are just downstairs.

Cindy: Link / terrace house better because I can park my car outside.

We have done a thorough analysis for you to choose the best ‘Room for Rent’ for you.

  • Security: 3/5
  • Convenience: 2/5 (have to drive out to many places)
  • Rental Price: 4/5 (slightly higher)
  • Car Park: 1/5 (have to rent separately)
  • Facilities: 4/5 (also depends on the maintenance)

Contra to what most people believe, condominium has the same security level compare to the rest because residents assumed their house is 100% theft proof with security guards. However, human make mistakes sometimes, and inspectors also mentioned about inside jobs too. The pros about staying at the condominium is the facilities such as gym, swimming pool, etc. You can find these options almost everywhere.

  • Security: 3/5 (higher if it is guarded)
  • Convenience: 1/5 (have to drive out to many places)
  • Rental Price: 4/5 (slightly higher)
  • Car Park: 3/5 (more space if neighbours have no cars)
  • Facilities: 1/5

Terrace or link house are normally built further from shops, train station or colleges. Therefore, it is less convenient compare to others and you need a car to drive around. Walking will be too far from many places. Rental is slightly higher because these houses are more expensive. These options are quite popular around SS2 PJ, SS15 subang jaya and Sunway.

  • Security: 3/5 (higher if it comes with cctv)
  • Convenience: 5/5 (near to shops, train and university/office)
  • Rental Price: 3/5 (slightly lower due to partition rooms)
  • Car Park: 4/5 (need to pay city council, monthly pass recommended)
  • Facilities: 3/5

Since all the rooms are partitioned and bathrooms are shared, bedrooms at shoplots are generally cheaper. It has restaurants and convenient stores just right downstairs. At certain locations, it is just few minutes away from the train station. Security level will depend on areas. If there are police station and shops that open till late night such as mamak restaurants, you don’t have to worry about safety.

So which is better? If you want to save money and prefer to use train such as LRT or MRT, shop hostels are the best choice. On top of that, you can go visit shops and restaurants by just walking downstairs. If you have a car, terrace house would be better since travelling is not an issue for you. If you are someone who love gym and swimming, condominium will suit you best.

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