Too much stuffs? How to Save Space, and Save Money too?

Room too small to fit all your stuffs? Not enough space and no budget to rent a bigger room? What can you do to save space and save money?

I grew up in a big house. My parents have always dream of staying in a big house. Space was not an issue, I can always stack books and other things on my study table, dining table, and then on the floor. When I have stay on my own, my habit of accumulating ‘Rubbish’ starts to cost me money.

Nowadays, I stay in small house and small room comfortably. I believe you can do the same too. Here are 5 tips:

Tip #1: 3-Month Rule

When I start to clear my stuffs from the house I stayed with my parents, I need a disposal bin to throw all my rubbish. And I am not talking about the plastic bin on the street. I am talking about the metal disposal bin used in construction.

This was the bin I used.

You might think that it is funny. And I agree with you. With the 3-month rule, you can avoid all these rubbish. The rule is simple: Anything you don’t use in 3 months, THROW!

“What if I need to use it 3 months later, wouldn’t it be a waste of money?”

I can almost guarantee you that you won’t be using it. There is maybe a 0.001% that you will use it. But cleaning all these unimportant things will make your life so much better. You will feel good and proud every time you walk into your room. You don’t have to be worried about cockroach, rats and dust that will make you sick.

Tip #2: Go Up

Look at your wall, it is white and empty right? When not do some DIY racks and shelves. Racks and shelves is the most important thing I will buy everytime I move into a new place. If I need to pay RM100/month for a bigger room. Multiply by 12, I am paying RM1,200/year. I can get 1 rack for less than RM100. With RM500, I can buy many racks and shelves to keep and hide away tons of things.

Tip #3: Box It

Keep it in a box and stack it up. When things are all over the table and the floor, it looks overwhelming. When you keep it in a box and label it, it looks tiny.

Tip #4: Hang It

Light items such as clothes, towels, shoes and jewelleries are very suitable to hang behind doors or on the wall. Most landlord will be more than happy to install them for you if you ask them nicely. If you are installing yourself, make sure that you don’t damage the furniture or the wall.

Tip #5: Corner Shelf

Corners are never used almost all the time. Get an inexpensive corner shelf and you can put many personal care items on the shelf.

Tip #6: Foldable Furnitures? Maybe?

Foldable furnitures such as murphy beds and foldable tables are sold nowadays. Some of these furnitures can transform like transformers. But most of them are expensive. Some can cost as much as RM4,000 and not as durable compare to traditional furniture. If you like these technologies and innovations, feel free to purchase them. I will leave this up to you.

Murphy Bed

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