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30 Gorgeous Modern Kitchen Designs for Malaysians

Modern kitchen designs are very affordable in Malaysia. Currently, the most popular colour schemes for modern kitchen designs in Malaysia are Wood & White, Black & White and Grey. The last 2 combinations may give you a more modern look. Here are 20 of my favourite modern kitchen designs and cabinets.

White and grey combination kitchen cabinets with dark wood flooring. The only expensive part of this design is the marble wall tiles. It has a bit of European classic and vintage look. Personally, I believe you don’t need the high ceiling for this design.

Grey kitchen cabinet with marble top. Suitable for compact space with high ceilings. The tall wall shelves and the custom-made high cabinet makes the kitchen looks bigger and more stunning. The shiny chrome bar chairs added some class to the look.

modern kitchen 1

Photo from Architectural Digest by Richard Powers

Beautiful dark wood flooring, wood cabinets and bar stools paired with a beautiful white marble top.

minimalist kitchen 11

Photo from the design chaser

Beautiful white and black combination. This design uses white and light grey as main colour and sprinkle black colour as the popper. The cabinets are white but the floor is light grey. Simple, affordable and beautiful.

minimalist kitchen 12

Photo from pinterest

Want more black and less white. Sure. This modern design uses white marble top, black cabinets with very bright white LED light.

minimalist kitchen 13

Photo from homedit

Love grey? Why not do any all grey modern kitchen at your home. Grey wooden cabinets with no handles are used in this design. Pair it with a beautiful light grey marble flooring and you have yourself a dream place to cook.

minimalist kitchen 14

Photo from desire to inspire

Another beautiful design composition white grey cabinets and white top. Affordable and gorgeous.

minimalist kitchen 15

Photo from archilovers

Might not be obvious. The black colour wall behind the kitchen island are actually beautiful black built-in cabinets with ovens. Simple and elegant dry kitchen.

minimalist kitchen 16

Photo from pinterest

All white cabinets with grey tile flooring. Black is sprinkled across the kitchen to make it look more interesting.

minimalist kitchen 19

Photo from pinterest

Another beautiful combination of white cabinet, black top and matte black wall.

minimalist kitchen 17

Photo from pinterest

Similar combination with a thick grey top for the island.

minimalist kitchen 18

Photo from clem around the corner

Another kitchen combination with black cabinets. However, wood is the partner.

minimalist kitchen 20

Photo from pinterest

Mostly Black but beautiful mix with the grey marble flooring.

minimalist kitchen 22

Photo from decofacil

Built-in cabinets with a beautiful and long island. The door of the built-in cabinet is painted with blackboard paint.

minimalist kitchen 21

Photo from decofacil

Glossy white cabinets with black top and wall. Clean and elegant!

minimalist kitchen 1

Photo from pinterest

Great visual separation using white wall shelves, bowls and plate with the base wooden cabinets. Black items are used occasionally to add some drama and interest within this kitchen layout.

minimalist kitchen 2

Photo from instagram

This arrangement makes your cooking place looks more expensive. Remember to apply special wall paints that creates the concrete feel for this idea.

minimalist kitchen 3

Photo from home bunch

The clean white glossy kitchen cabinets draws your attention to the grey beautiful textured wall.

minimalist kitchen 4

Photo from oracle fox

This minimalist kitchen has a bit of Scandinavian design in it. This is another gorgeous form that mixes plants to add some vitality.

minimalist kitchen 5

Photo from the life creative

Before you decide to use this arrangement and idea, pay attention to the blue-green tiles. The balance of white and brown of this kitchen is perfect.

minimalist kitchen 6

Photo from by IK78

Instead of hanging expensive 2-door wall shelves on top, consider painting the wall dark grey colour and install open wall shelves. Different, interesting and affordable.

minimalist kitchen 7

Photo from flickr by Jennifer Hagler

Let’s get away from the tradition of using base cabinet with legs. Use hanging base cabinet instead!

minimalist kitchen 8

Photo from tribe studio

Stylish cooking area using affordable plywood and IKEA products.

scandinavian kitchen design 1

Photo from style me pretty living

Many people loves grey. If you are one of them and would like to mix some classic into your modern kitchen, consider this arrangement. Without those hanging closed wall shelves, you will be able to save some budget. But don’t forget to use bins and time to organise those open wall shelves.

scandinavian kitchen design 2

Photo from remodelista

scandinavian kitchen design 3

Photo from Made by Cohen

scandinavian kitchen design 4

Photo from instagram by frukleppa

scandinavian kitchen design 5

Photo from my scandinavian home

minimalist kitchen 9

Photo from homedit

Have some extra cash? Why not spend it on a really impressive minimalist kitchen design?

minimalist kitchen 10

Photo from dwell 

Match these high wooden cabinet with a long island in your kitchen. Black stone countertop and warm oak are widely available in Malaysia. This arrangement for the kitchen looks expensive.

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